Mojo [moh-joh]

– noun, plural -jos, -joes.

That quality, often elusive, that sets a person apart from everyone else. The word “magic” could, almost without exception, replace “mojo” it in all of its contexts, sentences, and/or applications.

Mad Mojo Media DJ Services is the mobile party platform founded by one of Fredericton’s premiere DJs – Mike Mattatall. With 28 years of experience and having DJed for some of Fredericton’s biggest events, Mike has proven time and again his ability to get the party started, and to keep the crowd engaged for the duration.

An event with Mad Mojo Media DJ Services behind the decks is guided by two main principles: 1) do the research, and 2) pay attention, and get to know the crowd. Armed with the information garnered by these principles a DJ will be able to provide a dynamic and fluid entertainment experience that caters to the makeup and mood of the audience.

A good DJ should never try to force his/her taste in music on the audience. A good Dj observes the audience and adjusts the music accordingly.

Our willingness to go above and beyond sets us apart from our competition. Let us help you set your event apart from the run of the mill.

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