Our standard DJ Services package starts at $500 and includes the following:

Professional Quality Gear – We partner with Signature Sound to ensure that we have top of the line gear suitable for any venue. The standard setup includes two QSC KSub sub-woofers and two QSC K8 2-way speakers. This system provides 1000 watts of crystal clear continuous power. We also provide an LED lighting package for fill lighting on your dance floor. In some cases, dance floor lighting can be adjusted to compliment your event colors.

Strictly Digital Music – Gone are the days of skipping albums and CDs! We DJ straight from digital files on a laptop providing trouble free music, consistent music quality, and access to a music library of more that 1,000,000 songs covering every genre. We also have redundant computer hardware and music libraries to avoid technical issues.

Pre-event Meeting – At your convenience, we’ll schedule a pre-event get together in the weeks or days prior to your event. During this meeting, we’ll ensure that we hammer out all of your event details including required songs, audience size/makeup, and anything else that you need us to know.

Setup – On the day of your event, we’ll arrive bright and early to set up the gear, and test to ensure that we encounter no last minute technical hurdles. We take pride in having a clean and tidy setup so that the DJ system is as unobtrusive as possible.

Showtime! – Regardless of your timeline, we’ll be there with you to make sure your event runs smoothly. In addition to music for dancing, we can also be available to provide background music for dinners, speeches, etc.

Tear Down – With the event over, we’ll tear our gear down swiftly to get out of your hair!

If you’re planning a really big event, or would like to add items to our standard package, just feel free to inquire, and we’ll be happy to work up a quote!

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